Fodermix AB
534 90 Vara

Telefon: +46 0512-620 52


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Fodermix is a feed-industry company specialising in pig feed. Our prime concern is to generate profitability for our customers and we ensure this by customising the feed to each farm’s special prerequisites and needs rather than offering standard feed. As part of our commitment, we study your unique challenges and opportunities. This enables us to help you further enhance the success of your pig production. Finally, a bit of history. Fodermix was established in 1993 by Claes Svensson, leveraging his long experience in Swedish feed production, both as a pig producer and a product developer. 1997 saw the construction of our flexible and modern facility on Varaslätten – the genuine agricultural district in the centre of Västergötland. Varaslätten is not only home to efficient pig producers. The fertile soil also generates prime quality grain, and our grain requirements for compound feed are catered for by the farms in our local area. The Danish company Vitfoss A/S and Swedenbased Svenska Foder AB bought the company in 2003 and currently own 50% each.