The Danish owned DLG Group intensifies its activities in vitamins and minerals with the brand VILOFOSS.

Vilofoss is a company that produces and trades with vitamin and mineral premixes for the feedstuff industry. Vilofoss is a brand name that consists of four companies in four different countries. Vitfoss is placed in Denmark, Calcialiment in France, Deutsche Vilomix in Germany and Fodermix in Sweden. They all operate in their country land but when they are trading on international markets, they do it under a mutual name – Vilofoss.

Vilofoss has a total of 14 factories producing vitamins and minerals under brands such as: Vitfoss and Stormøllen (Denmark), Fodermix (Sweden), Calcialiment and Echarm (France), Deutsche Vilomix (Germany) and Vilofoss (Russia and Poland). Vilofoss is already one of the three biggest companies in the European market.

Vilofoss is also a part of DLG Group (Dansk Landbrugs Grovvareselskab), which is one of the biggest premix producers in Europe. DLG Group is the largest cooperative farm supplier in Denmark with turnover of more than 5.51 billion in 2010. DLG supplies grain, feedstuffs, fertilizers, chemicals, etc. for farm management and employs more than 5000 people. DLG is currently trying to get a foothold in the Chinese market.


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