26. June 2024

Welfare Solutions

Always in focus - animal welfare in poultry farming


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Animal welfare in poultry production includes various aspects. In addition to housing conditions, nutrition, health management and the range of behavioral enrichment opportunities also play a significant role. Ensuring the well-being of poultry contributes to the sustainability and quality of poultry production. 


Possible consequences for poultry herds if conditions are not optimal:

  • Health problems: poor management, including unbalanced nutrition, can lead to nutritional deficiencies and diseases.
  • Loss of performance: inadequate feeding, despite high genetic potential, reduces egg production and weight gain. 
  • Infections: poor hygiene practices increase germ exposure and the incidence of diseases. 
  • Weakened immune system: stress and poor housing conditions weaken the immune system and make the animals more susceptible to diseases.  
  • Behavioral disorders: insufficient activity can lead to behavioral problems like feather pecking and cannibalism. 
factors for optimal poultry farming

Fig.1: factors for optimal poultry farming


Consequences for the poultry farmer

  • Increased veterinary costs: high costs for treatment and therapy.
  • Losses due to disease outbreaks: higher mortality and lost revenue. poultry farmer in yellow Vilofoss core
  • Reduced production: fewer eggs available for sale, lower slaughter weights, declining turnover and profit.
  • Poor biosecurity: hygiene deficiencies negatively affect animal health – occurrence of infectious diseases, poor litter quality, and inadequate hygiene management lead to footpad lesions and inflammation, as well as poor barn climate. 


Vilofoss – your trustworthy, committed partner with "added value"

As a leading provider of animal nutrition solutions, Vilofoss is dedicated to improving the welfare of poultry through a holistic approach. This includes incorporating the latest research findings, innovations, and actively exchanging experiences with practitioners. 

In addition to vitamin and mineral premixes, Vilofoss offers a comprehensive range of feed supplements designed to meet the specific nutritional needs of poultry. These products not only support the health and performance of birds but also contribute to their overall welfare.

With our poultry experts, we offer individually tailored consulting and customized nutrition solutions to optimize production under the local and specific conditions of poultry farmers. We have extensive experience in formulating feed for different needs in poultry production. Active in animal nutrition for over 90 years, Vilofoss is a leading premix manufacturer in Europe with 16 facilities. 


Our commitment to the well-being of your animals

  • For every challenge, the right enrichment material – the VILOFOSS PECKStone available in various hardness grades. PickStein Legehennen rot   
    • Choose between hardness grades medium, hard, extra hard, and active for your flock – for hobby farming, we recommend the PECKStone MeidArom. 
    • Established in Germany over 10 years ago, we are the market leader in the poultry segment. Our PECKStone supports beak wear and reduces stress from day 1.
    • Behind the scenes – How we test and develop the PECKStone. 

     PeckStone Poultry boxes by Vilofoss
  • We optimize feeding strategies tailored to your raw materials, utilizing our premixes, mineral feeds, and specialty products to promote animal health and economic efficiency.

    • Vilofoss Poultry Solutions CatalogueCustomized mineral feeds with special additives that support gut health, liver health and the metabolism of the animals.
    • Laying-Plus as a metabolic activator for improved laying performance (more saleable eggs per hen, supporting liver function). 
    • MeidArom® – Feed additive made from valuable essential oils, helps prevent nuisance pests.

  • Stable hygiene with the unique hygiene powder Stalosan® F.   

    Neutralizes ammonia and other harmful substances.
    Lowers the pH value, therefore skin-friendly and can be used in livestock.
    Kills pathogens (pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, flies and fungi).
    Scientifically proven effect in numerous tests.

    Products by Vilofoss
  • Responsibility for environment and animal welfare

    • Responsibility is a core value at Vilofoss. As a company, we are committed to promoting responsible practices that benefit both poultry welfare and the environment. Vilofoss implement environmentally friendly solutions that minimize the impact of poultry farming on natural resources while enhancing the welfare of birds.

Achieving goals together

We will be glad to advise you on individual feeding concepts and measures to improve animal welfare, taking into account your operational goals and possibilities. Please feel free to contact us using our contact form.

The VILOFOSS Poultry Team:Vilofoss Poultry Team

  • Uwe Frackenpohl (International) 
  • Dr. Faraz Ansari (International)
  • Kerstin Beutnagel (Germany /International)
  • Dr. Egbert Strobel (Germany)
  • Angela Fritz (Germany)