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FreshFoss – Protects the feed ration

In for a warm summer? Be sure to have top-quality feed; add FreshFoss, before the feed temperature begins to rise.
FreshFoss reduces heat build-up in the feed ration after dispensing. This is particularly important when mixing water into the ration and during warm periods.

Farmers experiences with Freshfoss

We have tried using other dry acids to reduce heat generation in our cattle feed but have returned to FreshFoss as this gives us most value for money,” - Christian Dalgaard  
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The feed stays fresh, and the cows knock it back. Everyone knows that they don’t feel like eating it when it’s soggy,” - Søren Pedersen 
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Product properties

  • Reduces spoilage in feed rations 
  • Particularly important in in warm and humid conditions
  • FreshFoss maintains feed palatability
  • Non-corrosive on mixer wagons
  • Non-toxic, completely biodegradable
  • HACCP not required

Generally, cattle farmers should consider choosing dry-acid products over liquid acid product due to workers safety.

Dry-acid products are beneficial by being simpler to handle and reducing the risk of corrosive harm and by being more cost-effective. In addition, the use of dry-acid products does not require HACCP registration.


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The use of FreshFoss, led to reduction of heat stress and increased milk production during the summer 



Empowering Cattle Feed Preservation: How FreshFoss Tackles Heat Stress and Enhances Nutrient Stability at I/S Spangsberg's

In the following video Jacob Spangsberg, a Danish farmer with 800 dairy cows, takes us through the challenges related to heat stress and shares 3 management tips with us."When we use FreshFoss its working very good. We can see that the food is not heating up when we use it". Those are the words from Jacob, who successfully uses FreshFoss to reduce heat build-up in the feed and thereby improve its quality. There are a lot of challenges related to heat build-up in feed such as diminished feed intake. This is one of the reasons why I/S Spangsberg is very pleased with the effect of FreshFoss, as the product improves feed quality and secures the milk production. Jacob Spangsberg considers FreshFoss a timesaver: "That is a good solution for us. Otherwise, we are going to spend some more time feeding the cows."




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