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NutriSpar increases the digestibility of the feed so that you can reduce particularly protein content in the pig feed without affecting the performance. It saves feed costs for the farmer and makes feed with lower digestibility more attractive.

The mineral feed for beneficial cost savings!

  • Special substance combination
  • Improves the feed conversion rate
  • Saves protein feedstuffs

Focusing on the feed costs:

Due to the high market prices for grain, soy and rapeseed meal, cost pressure are increasing and the economic situation of the pig farmers is getting very tense.
A major factor for the successful pig fattening is an efficient feed concepts.


The new NutriSpar-mineral feed concept:

The new, specially developed NutriSpar - active substance combination forms the basis for an economically pig fattening.

What does the new NutriSpar-concept supply?

NutriSpar grower NutriSpar fattening
- phytase ++ ++
- vitamins ++ ++
- amino acids ++ ++
- Phytogenic additives + +


Take a look at how farmer Christof relieves his fertilizer balance and also saves on feed costs


Application area NutriSpar - concept:

  • Applicable in both growers and fattening - in both sections there are coordinated mineral feeds available
  • Suitable for boar fattening!
  • Farm-specific mineral feed with NutriSpar-complex are possible


Sustainable economic:
  • Saving of protein feedstuffs
  • Improved feed conversion
  • Less phosphorous in the manure
  • Vital animals
  • High portions of lean meat

Presentation: “Practical experiences with protein-reduced diets for pigs” by Dr Arndt Schäfer


To be sourced as supplementation in mineral and compound mixed feed, please ask your expert adviser:

Dr. Arndt Schäfer

Dr. Arndt Schäfer
VILOFOSS Germany, +49 5493 9870 44,

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