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Optimal nutrition for an efficient poultry production starts with the premix

Poultry industry is the fastest and rapidly developing branch in animal production. To ensure achieving the ever-growing genetic potential in terms of body weight gain, feed conversion ratio, egg numbers, egg mass, hatchability, health and welfare poultry – nutrition plays an essential and leading role.

Value added expertise

The DLG Group is one of the largest feed producers in EU. Based on this and bringing our knowledge together with the latest R&D findings, we, at Vilofoss, build our in-house knowledge in poultry nutrition. Coupling this with the engineering skills and expertise in Vilofoss premix manufacturing, we are a valuable consultant and partner in the poultry industry.

Individual advice regarding all matters relating to animal nutrition and management as well as poultry feed production is the fundamental base for profitable use of Vilofoss products. We are committed to giving professional advice with the aim of optimising our customers' performance.

Efficient and sustainable manufacturing

State-of-the-art sustainable and efficient manufacturing in all Vilofoss production facilities assure cost-effective and on-time delivery to our customers. Through strategic and specialised expansion of our existing plants or dedicated investments, we meet our customers' expectations and provide continuous and future-proof development of the Vilofoss product range.

Using the latest poultry feed production processes, we fulfill all the requirements of the ever-changing animal production and feeding conditions within the feed processing industry. Careful use of resources and environmental protection go hand in hand and makes us one of the leading premix producers in Europe.

Premium quality productsPremixes and Minerals for Poultry-Feed VILOFOSS

As a crucial link within the food production chain, we have special responsibility for consumers, livestock and environment. Therefore, quality management in Vilofoss is highlyg prioritised. In production, we use premium value raw materials exclusively. They are sourced from top-certified suppliers on the basis of careful auditing and product quality control.

All our Vilofoss production facilities are FAMI-QS certified, which is a code of practice established by the feed additive industry for feed additive and premixture operators to ensure compliance with the European Regulation on Feed Hygiene (183/2005 started 1 January, 2006). The FAMI-QS code is based on ISO, GMP and HACCP principles. Early 2007 FAMI-QS was recognised as the Community Guide to Good Practice. In addition, our plants are GMP+/QS certified.

Individual poultry feed concepts and advice

With our poultry nutritionists, Vilofoss offers individually adapted advice and tailor-made nutritional solutions, aiming to optimise the production under the farmer's specific conditions. We have extensive experience in formulating high-performance feed for different needs in poultry production. Considering specifics and availability of local raw materials (cereals, protein, fat and mineral sources), local needs and conditions, we provide recommendations and advise on all aspects of poultry nutrition and poultry feed processing, including customised feed formulations.

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Uwe Frackenpohl
Uwe Frackenpohl
Director - Regional Technical Manager Poultry