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About Vilofoss

The Vilofoss Group is a global leader in the premix and nutrition sector.

Vilofoss is one of the world's most productive, competitive, resource efficient and sustainable agricultural productions. Vilofoss has worked together with farmers and their animal productions for more than 80 years. Our knowledge and experiences are obtained through many years of research and development within the sector of nutrition for all animal groups.


What we do

Vilofoss create value-adding solutions for the globally competitive farmer through customized farm mixes for the animal production. In addition to our vitamin- and mineral compounds we have a wide range of supplementary products, e.g. milk replacers for cows and pigs, veterinary products, welfare products, products for disinfection and other unique troubleshooters.

The size of the group and relation to DLG makes us a valuable consultant and partner. Professional consulting targeting at the optimization of our customer’s performance is our commitment.


The story of the group

Vilofoss was founded in 2012 as a brand for the DLG Premix & Nutrition business. At present, after several acquisitions, the DLG Premix & Nutrition business (Vilofoss) has 14 manufacturing plants in Europe and produces more than 360,000 tons of premixes under the brands of Vilofoss, Vitfoss, Deutsche Vilomix, Calcialiment and Fodermix. In 2018, DLG decided to unify all vitamin & mineral brands under one common name on all markets: Vilofoss.

The group has its sales entities throughout Europe and together with our partners in other markets and continents, we have an annual turnover close to EUR 390 million.


Our Values

In Vilofoss we focus on being trustworthy, ambitious and value-creating.

This means we strive to be our customer’s preferred business partner and advisor. We help our customers, employees and business associates to grow and develop by creating new value. We dare to be ambitious on behalf of the group, our employees and, not least, our customers.

Vilofoss wish to lead the way, and we help our customers become market leaders in their field, in the most important business in the world - agriculture.



  • We want to set the direction among Europe's most leading agricultural companies.
  • We want to play an essential role in most important business in the world.



  • We create value for our owners and customers as the farmer's preferred business partner.