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Corporate Social Reponsibility in Vilofoss

As a global leader in the premix and nutrition sector in Europe, Vilofoss plays an important role as both purchaser and supplier of vitamins and minerals, feed and other inputs in the first stage of production of foodstuffs. This means that we have a substantial position in the European agriculture and feedstuffs cluster.

In 2012, our owner DLG adopted the UN’s Global Compact, which is an initiative focusing on ten principles of corporate responsibility. In the daily operations our main focus is to implement the principles:

  • Human rights
  • Labor rights
  • Environment
  • Anti-corruption
Simultaneously, DLG assiduously communicates the group’s CSR activities and results in an annual progress report, known as a Communication on Progress (COP). In 2017, DLG published the Modern Slavery statement, which outlines the group's commitment to deal with modern slavery and human trafficking.

Based on the Global Compact, DLG’s Executive Steering Committee adopted a group-wide CSR policy. The policy states, DLG’s core values and fundamental approach to social responsibility, namely that the initiative must be strategic, significant and practical.

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