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Giving in to the natural needs of poultry is an ever-increasing challenge for modern poultry production

Pre-occupation materials are more and more demanded in egg production, mainly to satisfy a natural pecking behaviour as well in poultry meat production chains, where the focus is generally on animal welfare reasons.

The PECKStone is a mineral block in feed quality, developed to promote the natural behaviour of poultry. Besides ensuring active pre-occupation of the birds, PECKStones also support natural beak wear and provide the possibility of individual additional mineral intake, which are well known to affect the behaviour positively. 

PECKStones are offered in different hardness grades to well adapt to bird age and also meet specific environment-, climate-, feeding-, husbandry and management conditions.


Unique features:

• Mineral block in feed quality

• Satisfies the natural behaviour of birds

• Supports natural beak wear

• Reduces stress from the first day

• Promotes activity and mobility

• Possibility for individual additional mineral intake

• Entire product range is approved for organic 


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