Healthy hooves provide a healthy dairy cow
- Liquid hoof care for skin protection
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Healthy hooves provide a healthy dairy cow

At high-yielding dairy farms, cows and heifers are exposed to high concentrations of waste products, which have a damaging effect on the skin around the hooves. Long-term exposure to the substances will weaken the skin and increase the risk of infections.

HooFoss counteracts the damaging impact from the hoof environment. When used continuously, HooFoss will provide ongoing protection and significantly reduce hoof problems.

The benefits of using HooFoss:

  • A cleaning product, which removes slurry, manure, ammonia and sulphur hydrogen from the skin around the hooves
  • Powerful drying and increased oxygenation of the problem area
  • A protective crust on the problem area, supporting the healing of the skin
  • A continuous protective layer, eliminating the negative effect of the waste products

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HooFoss is applied as follows:

  • Spraying
  • Hoof bath

See this video to find out how to use HooFoss correctly.



For optimum effect, we recommend you always begin by spraying the problem area with HooFoss for at least 30 days.


Have a look at the HooFoss flyer:

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