Feeding success – Together

Our goal at Vilofoss is to be your partner when it comes to innovative solution for animal feed. We offer vitamin- and mineral compounds and premixes, as well as a wide range of supplementary products, milk replacers for calves and pigs, veterinary products, welfare products, products for disinfection and other unique troubleshooters. We also have our Leading Products line, which is your guarantee as a farmer or distributor that you will get the same high-quality product.

Besides our top-quality products, we also employ some of the best experts when it comes to animal production. We combine global knowledge with local expertise, and we want to help you, our customers, and partners by sharing knowledge and creating the products that you need. 

With our feed formulation specialists, Vilofoss offers individual on-farm advising, aiming to optimize farmers' animal production with vitamin and mineral compounds. Our feed formulation specialists have extensive experience in formulating high-performance feed for different needs.

Working sustainably is important for our customers, the world around us, and future generations. We aim to create tools, products, and concepts that will help you in your goals towards more responsible solutions.

At Vilofoss we will support you and your work so that together we can keep feeding the world in an innovating and responsible way.