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Why Leading Products from Vilofoss?

The Leading Product stamp is your guarantee that this product meets Vilofoss’ high requirements and standards.

When you purchase a Leading Product, you will experience a noticeable improvement in your herd within a few weeks and after a few months, this improvement will also have a financial impact. Should any problems arise, or should the results fail to appear, Vilofoss’ specialists are ready to render advisory service thus allowing you to obtain maximum benefit from the products.


The Leading Product Guarantee

  • Innovated and developed by Vilofoss – with farmers, for farmers
  • Advantages established by many trials and results all over the world
  • Farm trials and testimonials support these technical trials
  • Technical back-up from our specialists
  • High quality products – GMP+ and QS-certified


Each product is selected because of its interesting properties.

Leading Products from Vilofoss will contribute to:

  • Improved animal welfare and health
  • Improved production performance
  • Better time management
  • Innovative progress
  • Economic benefit


Our Leading Products

X-Zelit - Reduces the risk of milk fever and hypocalcaemia

FreshFoss – Reduces heating of TMR (Total Mixed Ration)

Protispar –  Advanced nitrogen efficiency – helps to reduce feeding costs for protein

Nutrispar - Increases the digestibility of the feed so that you can reduce particularly protein content in the pig feed without affecting the performance

Peckstone – Mineral stone for poultry (occupation material)

Stalosan – Dry disinfectant

HooFoss – Hoof care product