Our Knowledge / R&D

Research & Development

Research & Development has always been very important to Vilofoss. We work targeted with R&D based on factual knowledge and thorough tests.

We always aim to create new innovative solutions that give most value for the farmer. Our credible knowledge is based on valid trials that help increase the bottom-line of the farmer. This is the red thread in our high ambitions of our product development.


Top international products

R&D manifests itself in new, unique Vilofoss products that are locally developed and sold internationally. Our R&D work, in addition to formulating our own solutions and concepts, identifies the most promising products. For example, Vilofoss' top products: Stalosan, X-Zelit, Seofoss and Peckstone.

In addition, the dry acid product, FreshFoss, has just been launched in the Danish market, and soon also internationally. And FarrowPulse, a well-documented product for sowes, has been developed with great success in France – and is now on its way to international farmers.


We transfer science into practice

The point of departure is creating innovative solutions. It is fundamental that Vilofoss can transfer the science into practice in close cooperation with the farmers. Our research will optimize the farmer's economy and we want to be our costumers preferred trading partner. An indispensable part of our R&D are contributions made from different organizations, in order to achieve the most specialized knowledge that enables the entire world's farmers to benefit from.


Highly skilled knowledge across borders

In Vilofoss we work together sharing highly skilled knowledge across borders. We specialize ourselves and exploit the knowledge that exists throughout the organization as best as possible. We also seek the latest knowledge from foreign research institutions, to ensure the supply of new knowledge that provides new opportunities. The lifeblood of Vilofoss’ business is applied research.


Examples of our R&D projects:

  • Evaluation of raw materials
  • Feed additives
  • Alternatives to medicated feed
  • Piglets feed program
  • Feed costs.


The Vilofoss Research

In the Vilofoss Group we work with farms to implement trials in real conditions. This is a very powerful for statistical investigations and has regular agreements with the Danish producers, so that the tests can be carried out as close to the site as possible.

We are annually carrying out several trials aiming to further develop both current assortment and feeding strategies as well as testing our new products and strategies. Always, in an arrangement that corresponds to normal production conditions. In all tests and trials, the requirements for registration and data processing are high so that our customers can feel confident, that when we recommend a product or strategy, there is a thorough preparation behind. Through credible and ambitious R&D we are aiming for value-creating solutions. And we are always one step ahead of the competition.