Our Knowledge / R&D

Research & Development

It is commonly known that diversity is the key to the success. As an R&D Group, we are different countries, cultures and markets with different challenges. This gives us an opportunity to look at our customers’ issues from various perspectives, so that we can create cross-country solutions.

Our R&D team has highly motivated experts in pigs, cattle and poultry to deal with the challenges given by animal production on a daily basis. At our annual joint meeting we share our main achievements and activities. 

This year those activities were: 

  • Low zinc diet (weaning piglets without pharmacological zinc)
  • Feed with less environmental impact (NutriSpar)
  • Ration heating minimization (FreshFoss)
  • Reduction of milk fever (X-Zelit)
  • Animal welfare/well-being products (PeckStone, MeidArom). 

We had the pleasure of welcoming new members from ARC (France) and CPC (Spain) who are extremely specialized in pig and poultry nutrition.  We are all working on furthering our know-how and the R&D group is actively dealing with it by creating across-company support, sharing knowledge and expertise. Up-to-date scientific news from top institutes and universities about feed evaluation, nutritional requirements, digestive physiology and the influence of nutrition on the performance, overall health and welfare of animals – all this information help us to expand our knowledge and bring it into the real world and create new practices for our customers.  

Our procurement strategy allows us to constantly look for better solutions and better possibilities. We are truly successful in finalizing projects across borders on new leading products (e.g. NutriSpar, ProtiSpar) and bringing innovative solutions to different markets. 

Our duty is to look into the future and sort out effective solutions to practical problems. We take that responsibility seriously. 

Sustainability is important 

We support the trend of CO2-neutral production. Vilofoss and DLG have already initiated the process to implement a carbon footprint calculation tool to help reduce and offset the emissions. Our goal is to have a transparent system that can be introduced in all European countries and will enable us to work out more environment friendly feeding strategies, and also allow us to label carbon footprint on the feed. With our resources, tools, skills and Group mindset, we are always sure to achieve our goals and respond to the market’s trends or needs.