Premixes for beef cattle, dairy cattle and calves

Premixes for beef cattle

A high daily gain is the main objective for cattle fattening. Using the right feeding strategy is extremely important and this counts for any animal (breed, sex, etc.). Due to many years of practical experience with feeding strategies and close contact with the farmers, Vilofoss has obtained the expertise and know-how to deliver the right feeding concepts for your business.


Premixes for dairy cattle

Dairy cattle are now able to enter lactation at a high level. This is possible because of the intensive breeding and effective biotechnology that characterize today’s farming. Especially the first 100 to 150 days of lactation sets high requirements for the dairy cattle. Requirements for care, management and feeding.

Based on years of practical experience with feeding, Vilofoss understand the importance of high quality feed and are able to produce tailored feed concepts adjusted to the requirements for each herd.


Premixes for calves

For calves it is extremely important to get the right start. The right starts requires a top level of management and feed. Through years of on-farm experience, Vilofoss can deliver valuable solutions with welfare, management and feeding.