Premixes for sows, fattening pigs and piglets

Premixes for sows

The breeds and methods that modern techniques supplies have led to a considerable increase in pig production. The insensitive production also requires the maximum from the animals. This also increases the risk of the disease level. For the animals to reach the high level production it calls for high quality feed and management.
The tailored feeding concepts and wide product assortment Vilofoss has fulfils the requirements.

Premixes for fattening pigs

Professional pig breeding is all about performance and feed cost efficiency. Within a feeding strategy several issues have to be taking in consideration. Issues such as facility, genetics, gender and feeding technique are fatal. Advice and customised solutions are the core expertise at Vilofoss. 

Premixes for pigs

Raising pigs is the most critical part of being successful. To ensure optimum metabolism we must at an early stage first establish a functioning digestive system. Products with an optimum composition for high palatability is crucial and is adapted according to the piglet’s.

In this area Vilofoss contains a high level expertise, both in on-farm practical knowledge and feeding strategies.