Premixes for poultry

Poultry production varies according to purpose of production. The type of animal and production layout defines different requirements for the feeding solution. Vilofoss has expertise and know-how that enables us to fulfill the needs required and increase the level of production.


New PECKStone for poultry !

“PECKStone Poultry“- a new stimulus material for layers, broilers, geese and turkeys

PECKStone allows the animals to satisfy their natural behavioral needs and thus improving the welfare of the animals. At the same time the beak is sharpened while the animals are pecking on the stone. Subsequently less injuries will be caused when the animals are pecking each other.

Furthermore “PECKStone Poultry” allows the animals an individual extra intake of micro minerals, Ca, Mg, and Na. Thus a healthy metabolism is supported and at the same time the bone structure and the plumage condition are promoted.

Vitfoss offers three types of PECKStone. ”PECKStone Poultry”, which merely is produced on a mineral basis and thus also suitable for organic farms. ”PECKStone Poultry Wheat” contains a lot of whole grains of wheat and therefore the consistency is more soft. This is mainly applicable to broilers. “PECKStone Poultry Wheat Organic” can be used in organical production.

All three products are quality approved feed supplements.

PECKStone Poultry” is available in a bowl of 10 kg while “PECKStone Wheat” and “PECKStone Poultry Wheat Organic” are available in 8 kg.

Mounting: The block can be turned upside down and put on top of the bowl, or the block can be placed in a holder that can be purchased.