We support our customers

In Vilofoss, we always strive to provide excellent service and meet your specific needs since our goal is to make a good business for our customers

What we offer

We provide strong technical support from our employees comprised of salespeople, advisers, agronomists, veterinarians & biochemists. We support both directly on farms and by phone/internet, and we also share our know-how and advice by webinars. Our knowhow is based on practical experience through many years and scientific research and trials which we are more than happy to share with you. 

We have extensive knowledge about the market and will provide you with general market information so you are well-informed and able to manage your business in the best way. We also have an efficient supply chain and offer professional logistics so you are guaranteed optimal delivery conditions. 




We will provide you with benefits that can improve your Business and support you with growth and earnings


Why Vilofoss?

  • Cooperation with a strong international company
  • We keep our promises
  • An extensive global network of colleagues and cooperation partners
  • We create long-lasting partnerships, focusing on the customer
  • Quality at all levels
  • Complete traceability of all raw materials
  • Raw materials from dedicated business partners only