5. January 2023

Presentation: “Practical experiences with protein-reduced diets for pigs” by Dr Arndt Schäfer

Closely 60 % of the production costs per kg slaughter weight of a pig are feed costs. Therefore, the improvement of the feed efficiency is one of the most important and challenging factor in swine production, focusing on the level of protein (and protein feed stuff) as the most expensive nutrient.

But to reduce the level of protein has also a positive effect on our environment by a reduced release of ammonia, less water consumption and minimized N-Impact by the manure.

Several means are already established but the most promising effect will be an enhanced protein utilisation by using feed additives like Vilofoss NutriSpar (winner of the feed innovation award 2019).

Proofed by several national and international trials, Vilofoss NutriSpar saves up to 8 kg soybean meal per slaughter pig and app. 3 €/ pig without negative effects on performance (usually increased FCR) and carcass quality.

So, Vilofoss NutriSpar will reduce the environmental impact of nitrogen and nevertheless has an economical benefit for the farmer.

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