19. February 2021

Positive Stalosan F experience from a cattle farm in Bulgaria

The farm

The capacity of the farm is 500 Holstein Friesian cattle and Brown Swiss dairy cows. Recently, the cows were moved to a new modern unit. The old unit was built back in 1972 and veterinarians reported a high level of ammonia and moisture there. The occurrence of ammonia and moisture lead to the use of Stalosan F.

Here is what the chief veterinarian shared with us:

“We have many years of experience with Stalosan F. The traceability of the data and its comparison was obvious before and after the use of Stalosan F. The somatic cell count before the use of Stalosan F was higher than 400,000. Now, the somatic cell levels have dropped dramatically to 150,000. I am pleased with the results and this is why I will recommend the product to my colleagues from the fattening swine farm.”

Additionally, experts have checked the ammonia levels in the old building which nowadays is used for heifers. It was measured at 15-20 ppm. Ammonia levels in the cows’ unit were not measured, due to proper ventilation – ammonia smell was not detected in the air. Ammonia levels in the calf igloo, however, were measured at 50 ppm. For this reason, an expert from Vilofoss recommended more frequent use of Stalosan F on top of the fresh straw added.

By Hristo Dimitrov – Technical and sales specialist Vilofoss Bulgaria

Hristo Dimitrov
Hristo Dimitrov
Sales and Technical Representative Ruminants