2. March 2022

Plain as day: New tool calculates the benefits from X-Zelit

In collaboration with the company SimHerd, Vilofoss has developed a calculator that clearly shows the effect X-Zelit has on your cattle herd. Both in relation to economics, but also in relation to health, performance and the number of treatments.

No two farms are exactly alike, and therefore it is also difficult to compare data and figure out how different products will work in exactly your cattle herd. Here, the use of X-Zelit is no exception. Therefore, the X-Zelit calculator makes it easier for you to figure out exactly what you are getting out of using X-Zelit on your farm.

SimHerd offers economic analyzes for cattle herds and has added their already proven and used methods in connection with the development of the X-Zelit calculator. The collaboration between Vilofoss and SimHerd unites two professionally strong groups of experts, and together we have ensured that the calculator lives up to your high standards.

The calculator works a bit in the same way as a very intelligent calculator that already has control of the calculation - you just have to enter the numbers and you will get the answers delivered immediately.

The output is based on your input

All data on which the calculations are based has a scientific documentation, and there are different versions for Europe, USA and Canada, as the data bases are also slightly different - and to get closest to the best result, the parameters you compare with must match.

The idea is that you can put key figures from your farm into the calculator (eg number of cows, milk price, whether you use DCAD, how many cases of milk fever and subclinical hypocalcaemia there are) and afterwards you can see the change with X-Zelit. The tool has a simple structure, which is based on your crew. It all happens online right here, and once you have entered the necessary data, just read through the results. If you move the mouse over the different concepts, they are all explained in detail.

Find the X-Zelit Calculator here