13. September 2022

Use of X-Zelit Calculator in Sandagergård farm

We are here at Sandagergård with 500 cows. In this video, farm owner Asmus Klith Forum shares his experience with X-Zelit and together with Ann-Zaar Christensen from DLG discusses the use of the X-Zelit Calculator.

The X-Zelit Calculator is a tool to estimate the benefits you can gain from using X-Zelit. The calculator evaluates that the yearly savings from the use of X-Zelit in Sandagergård farm would be approximately 200.000 DKK. However, as Ann-Zaar clarifies, each farm is very different and has its own numbers and you need to get the exact numbers from the farm in the calculator to get the exact benefits from the product.

Watch to find out how the X-Zelit calculator was used and what the owner shares:

Check the X-Zelit Calculator here.

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