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Vilofoss - A member of Danish Pig Academy

Visit us and 21 other Danish companies within the pig industry and be inspired by the best of Danish technology – all in one place.

The Danish pig industry is the most leading of its kind in the world within areas such as quality, food safety, traceability and breeding, which are the reasons why Denmark is the world’s most successful exporter of pork. The purpose of Danish Pig Academy is to showcase leading companies within the Danish pig production industry in terms of equipment, services and feed for the modern pig production.

Danish Pig Academy is a common showroom in Herning and it is possible to make an appointment with one of our advisers for a visit. If you are a professional farmer, who wants to be inspired by the top companies within your industry, a visit to the showroom will inspire both you and your team. You can experience different kinds of modern equipment within the branch – all under one roof. You will get professional consultancy and learn about the “Danish way” in terms of pig production.

For information about Danish Pig Academy please visit their website here.  


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We collaborate across companies and will contact the other companies, so that you can experience an interesting and inspiring day within different areas of the pig production industry.