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Increase productivity by using a unique biocide

Why are high sanitary standards important?

Stalosan F bagHealthy animals are more productive

Common for animal production is that reducing bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and waste products like ammonia are fundamental to increase animal health.

How do you do that?

  • Control the pH-value in the stable environment - use a dry biocide
  • For maximum protection - use a product that combines biocidal ingredients with high concentrations of mineral acids

Stalosan F is unique and it is the only EU-approved biocide to be used to increase sanitary standards in domestic animal production.


Pig Facts on Stalosan F

  1. Unique EU accepted biocide
  2. Increase productivity by increased sanitary standards
  3. One application per week is enough


Learn how innovative control of sanitary conditions will increase farm productivity.



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jan storgaard
Jan Storgaard
Technical Development