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Fibermax 15 kg 15 kg

Fibermax 15 kg 15 kg
About the product
About the product
About the product
  • 1 unit = 15 kg
  • 60 units = 1 Pallet

Supplement feed for piglets and calves

Field of application

  1. Fibermax is a high-fibre feed supplement that has a stabilising effect on the intestines of weaned piglets and calves in the entire milk-feeding period.
    A well-functioning gastro-intestinal system increases the appetite, which is an essential condition for the production of a strong and healthy piglet/calf.


  1. Fibermax can be mixed into starter feed for piglets at a rate of 4-6%, or it can be used as top-dressing.
    The quantity is easily adjustable to the actual need.
  2. Fibermax can be mixed with milk replacers for piglets at a rate of 20-30 g per litre.


  1. Fibermax is suitable in the entire milk-feeding period.
    Use 20 g Fibermax per litre colostrum, whole milk or ready-mixed milk replacer (**_see directions for_ _use on the back of this page_).**

Description of the product

  1. Fibermax comprises a special combination of different dietary fibres.
    It is important for both humans and animals to have a certain amount of dietary fibres in the daily food. The main objective for research has been to find a combination of fibres  that has an intestinal stabilising effect and improve the general health of the intestine.
    Fibermax is a well-tested fibre combination.
  2. Essential fatty acids
    Fibermax has a high natural content of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. These are essential fatty acids that are supplied through the feed. Omega-3 fatty acids have an anti-infective effect and thus they are strengthening the immune system. At the same time they have a positive impact on the development of the digestive tract.
  3. Acidification
    Fibermax is added citric acid. Citric acid has an antibacterial effect in the intestine. At application of the recommended amount of 20 g Fibermax per litre milk 1 g of citric acid per litre milk is applicated.
  4. Tests with calves fed with Fibermax show increased gains of between 15 and 30%.

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Analytic constituents:

35,0  % Crude protein
10,5  % Fibre
6,0  % Crude fat
7,7  % Crude ash
8,0  g/kg Calcium
8,0  g/kg Phosphorus
0,9  g/kg Sodium
6,3  g/kg Magnesium



1. Add 4-6% Fibermax into starter feed or use as top-dressing.
2. Use 20-30 g Fibermax per litre milk replacer for piglets.

1. Use Fibermax during the entire milk-feeding period at a rate of 20 g 
    Fibermax per litre colostrum, whole milk or ready-mixed milk replacer
    for calves.
2. In case increased need, use 30-40 g Fibermax per litre ready-mixed 

Use with whole milk and colostrum:
Fibermax can be mixed with colostrum or whole milk.

Use with milk replacer:
Use normal amount of milk powder as per directions for use of the milk replacer in question and add 20 g Fibermax per litre ready-mixed milk.
Example: 0.9 litre of water + 130 g milk powder + 20 g Fibermax. 


Start feeding right after mixing. Fibermax will start precipitation after a short-time standing.