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Optimal vitamins and minerals for an efficient dairy and beef production

The right formula of vitamins and minerals in feed for ruminants is essential to optimize the performance in your professional production.

Vitamins and minerals represent only a small part of the feed for ruminants, yet these nutrients are essential to achieve top productivity. Vitamins facilitate most biological processes while minerals act as building blocks. Minerals build tissues and are furthermore essential for enzymes and biological processes.

Vilofoss are vitamin and mineral specialists and we are experts in formulating the right feed for your dairy or beef production, based on your individual needs.


Individual dairy concepts and counseling

With our feed formulation specialists, Vilofoss offer a service of individual on-farm advising, aiming at optimizing the production on your farm. Our feed formulation specialists have extensive experience in formulating high-performance mineral mix for different needs in dairy production and for beef production. This is done, taking local needs and conditions into consideration and includes advice on all aspects of ruminant production.


feed advisers

To formulate the best ration for your production, we offer a partnership with inspection of the animals and follow-ups on the ever-changing situation which occurs in a modern cattle production. Our cattle feed advisers are always at your disposal to assure that our nutrition solutions are updated.

As all cattle farms are different, we believe that individual solution for each farm is the right way to success.  We offer to formulate your cattle feed according to latest new recommendations worldwide. But also, based on experiences from our own research and trial activities, we can offer you solutions that go beyond, general standard knowledge.


Optimal nutritional solution in your cattle production

Having a trusting relationship with our customers is of great importance to us. To achieve this, we engage ourselves in your production and finding the optimal nutritional solution, aiming at making your production a success. Healthy cattle that perform well with a cost-effective solution is the key to your success. To achieve this the cattle feed quality must be the very best. We ensure this through purchase of only high-quality components and the high standards in our own production facilities. Our components are carefully selected and production of the cattle premixes are performed under the GMP+ quality system.

For more detailed information, look into our “Vitamin and mineral guide”.


Main objectives in cattle production:

Dairy cows:    Milk yield, Longevity, claw health, reproduction, rumen health

Calves:    Optimal milk intake, well-developed gut and later rumen function, low mortality, good daily growth and good immune system

Beef cattle:    High gain and reduction of feed costs with a low mortality