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Vitamins and Minerals for sheep and goats

The right balance of vitamins and minerals is essential to obtain optimal production of meat and skin.

To achieve optimal production with healthy animals and high growth, it is necessary to know all the nutrients used in the herd. Coarse fodder, concentrates and grains are tangible ingredients that must be analyzed to balance the mineral and vitamin additives for optimal production. Vitamins facilitate the most biological processes while minerals act as building blocks. Minerals build tissues and are furthermore essential for enzymes and biological processes.

Vilofoss are vitamin and mineral specialists and we are experts in formulating the right feed for sheep/ lamb and goat/kid production, based on your individual needs.


Individual sheep- and goatmix concepts and counseling

With our feed formulation specialists, Vilofoss offer a service of individual on-farm advising, aiming at optimizing the production on your farm. Our feed formulation specialists have extensive experience in high-performance feed for different needs in your meat or skin production. This is done, taking local needs and conditions into consideration and includes advice on all aspects of the production.


Sheep- and goatmix adviser

To formulate the best Sheep or Goatmix for your farm, we offer a partnership with inspection of the animal and follow-ups on the ever-changing situation in your production. Our ruminant feed advisers are always at your disposal to ensure that our nutrition solutions are updated.

To cover the most basic needs, Vilofoss has developed a standard program for sheep & lamb production, as well as a program for Goats and Kid. Several of the standard products may even be used in organic production.

As a supplement to milk, Vilofoss has developed milk replacement specifically designed for sheep and goats with a high concentration of nutrients required.


Supplement products

Vilofoss has several supplements products in the catalog where they are constantly being followed by new ideas and research.

Our components are carefully selected, and production of the sheep and goat premixes are performed under the GMP + quality system - All GMO-free.