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Farrow Pulse (25 kg)

Farrow Pulse
About the product
About the product
About the product
  • 750 kg = 1 pallet
  • 25 kg = 1 sack
Product Number: 254662

Farrow Pulse is influencing the electrolyte balance. Optimum influence on the electrolyte balance can shorten the duration of farrowing and thus reducing the number of stillborn piglets. At the same time the start-up of milk production is stimulated.


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Wheat, calcium chloride, monocalcium phosphate, polymer fibres, pulp from asteracae, source of glucose, magnesium oxide, flavouring agents.

Analytical constituents:

  2.8 %  Crude protein
17.0 %  Fat
  3.0 %  Crude fibre
25.8 %  Ash
  0.1 %  Lysine
  7.2 %  Calcium
  2.0 %  Phosphorus 


100 g per day/sow from approx. 10 days before farrowing to approx. 3 days after farrowing. Should be allocated with maximum amount of feed due to
absorption. Advantageously it can be mixed into the feed with 2.5% during the last part of the gestation period.


Shelf life: 6 months