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Suplex Miya-Gold (15 kg)

Suplex Miya-Gold
Suplex Miya-Gold
About the product
About the product
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About the product
  • 585 kg = 1 pallet
  • 15 kg = 1 sack
Product Number: 254396



Miya-Gold® is a new type of probiotic

Miya-Gold helps to improve piglet productivity by providing a more wellbalanced intestinal flora. Probiotics are used to stabilise microflora in the gastrointestinal tract.


Why probiotics?

Newborn piglets have virtually no intestinal bacteria. These microorganisms are established during the first weeks of life from manure in the pen and other bacterial influences.
Once microflora has been established, studies show that these are relatively stable for the rest of the pig’s life.
During stressful periods, such as weaning and transition to feed, the composition and activity of the pig’s intestinal microflora change.
It is critical to maintain healthy bacterial flora during this period, as a decline in beneficial bacteria could shift the balance and enable potential pathogenic bacteria to take over, which
would undermine intestinal health and productivity.
Miya-Gold inhibits the growth of these bacteria by reducing their potential to colonise the intestines, thereby stabilising the intestinal flora.


Documented effect

RoiThe effect of Miya-Gold is documented in a series of studies showing improved daily growth and feed conversion, which overall constitutes a production value 2.5 times greater than the cost of the recommended dose of Miya-Gold.




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Creep feed, 6-9 kg1.5 kg/T2.0 kg/T
Starter feed, 9-15 kg0.5 kg/T1.0 kg/T
Others0.5 kg/T0.5 kg/T



Miya Gold PigsBecause Miya-Gold is in spore form, it is highly resistant to physical and chemical influences such as:

  • heat
  • acids
  • enzymes (bile)
  • antibiotics (treatment may be carried out concurrently with the use of Miya-Gold)






  • is spores of Clostridium butyricum MIYARI 588, (FERM-BP 2789), which are thermally stable and acid resistant: they survive in gastric acid and bile
    • Clostridium butyricum that become active microorganisms in the large intestines
  • crowds out pathogenic intestinal bacteria
  • promotes the regeneration of cells in the intestinal wall
  • produces butyric acid and acetic acid; it is known that butyric acid:
    • has antibacterial effect
    • can be directly used as a source of energy by the epithelial cells of the intestinal wall
    • increases sodium absorption, thereby reducing fluid loss during acute diarrhoea
    • has anti-inflammatory effect
    • stimulates the growth of intestinal
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