8. June 2023

A new trial from Brazil shows good effects for Stalosan F for piglets in the farrowing phase

Enteric diseases in the farrowing phase are relevant problems due to the economic losses. However, piglet losses (pre-weaning mortality rate) are only part of the problem. Future consequences of the non-uniformity of weaned piglets and their gut health are ignored. Therefore, strategic procedures focused on reducing the infection pressure can be important control tools. The aim of the trial was to evaluate the concept of an environmental dry-cleaning procedure based on a mineral technology product used in farrowing piglets, which are naturally challenged by enteric agents.

The trial was performed in a sow farm with 2,300 females, located in the western part of Santa Catarina in Brazil. The result of the trial showed that the use of the environmental dry-cleaning concept helped reduce the incidence of litters with diarrhea, the prevalence of omphalitis and the fall behind rate in piglets, contributing to greater weight at weaning and homogeneity of the litters.

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