24. februar 2017

DLG’s Vilofoss grows on Premix & new Nutrition markets

The Vilofoss Group achieved satisfactory results on par with 2015 created on the main markets of Scandinavia, Germany and France, as well as advances in Eastern Europe. A large international setup with a total of 14 factories brings a high level of confidence in future growth both in Europe and beyond.

DLG's global Premix & Nutrition business, Vilofoss, achieved satisfactory results in 2016, with advances in Denmark and increasing market share in Germany. The Vilofoss group saw turnover totalling DKK 3.0 billion, and operating profits totalled DKK 158 million.

"Vilofoss is currently among the three largest actors within Premix & Nutrition in Europe, and we can clearly see this in our results. With our base in Deutsche Vilomix, we serve Eastern Europe and the Balkan region, where we have increased our exports significantly", says group manager Jacob Holm.

New factory poised to ensure international advance

A strong international setup with 14 production facilities will underpin opportunities for growth in Europe and beyond and serve as a solid foundation for increased sales and market share. In 2016 Vilofoss opened a new factory in China, and at the close of 2017 will be opening an entirely new cattle nutrition plant in Brittany in collaboration with the large French cooperative Agrial. The facility will deliver nutrition for France's two most important markets for dairy production – Brittany and Normandy. 

Poultry shall ensure future growth

Vilofoss has also made significant advances into the important market for Premix & Nutrition for poultry. In 2016 Vilofoss established an expert panel to drive developments on the international market for Premix & Nutrition for the rapidly growing poultry sector. The group shall work in close collaboration with the rest of the DLG Group to ensure future growth.

"Poultry currently accounts for 10% of our overall turnover, and we hope to see poultry comprise a larger part of our activity going forward, and increase Vilofoss' turnover and earnings significantly. The goal for our international expert panel is to become as significant in Premix & Nutrition for poultry as for pigs and cattle, which jointly comprise 90% of turnover," says Jacob Holm. 

Positive outlook for 2017

"We have positive expectations for 2017 and the coming years. The international market for Premix & Nutrition is expected to grow by 30% over the next five years, and we will have our piece of the pie. Vilofoss' international setup promotes considerable faith in our success", says Jacob Holm.