New Dialyt Express
4. July 2018

Dialyt Express – efficient, easy and practical new solution

Stabilises the balance of fluids and electrolytes to support the physiological digestion.

Balance in life is important. This also applies to the balance of calves’ fluids, electrolytes and energy. Dialyt Express is a new, practical and efficient ready-to-use mixture which supports calves’ natural digestion process and facilitates working with the calves.

When a calf's fluid, electrolyte and energy balances are not optimally supported, this often results in unnecessary veterinarian and medicine costs. The major cost, however, is insufficient growth in the young calves. Insufficient growth is a particular problem for heifer calves as it impacts negatively on their milk production as lactating cows.

The purpose of Dialyt Express is to maintain or restore a number of physiological balances that are disturbed by gastrointestinal problems. Dialyt Express is a rehydration mixture consisting of electrolytes, easily digestible energy and plant extracts that is mixed directly into milk or water before dispensing.

The practical use of Dialyt Express has been made as easy as possible.

  • It is a ready-to-use mixture that does not require prior handling or mixing. This enables Dialyt Express to be placed right where the product will be used – at the calves or, if preferred, on the milk taxi.
  • Dialyt Express can be used directly in the milk. Milk feeding and administration of Dialyt Express can thus be handled in a single process.
  • Ease of use helps ensure swift intervention. And swift intervention is crucial for stabilising the gastrointestinal system.

Dialyt Express is effective

  • Dialyt Express is formulated according to the latest recommendations to ensure the best possible combination of electrolytes.


Scientific requirement

Dialyt Express

Sodium, mmol/l



Potassium, mmol/l



Chlorine, mmol/l



SID, mmol/l



Dialyt or Dialyt Express

Both products are optimised according to the latest recommendations for rehydration products. Dialyt is a powder that contains sodium bicarbonate. This means that this product must be mixed with water before use and must be used in water, which is offered two hours after milk feeding. Dialyt Express is a ready-mix, ready-to-use solution that can be added directly to milk as the mixture is buffered with sodium acetate. This makes Dialyt Express the easiest to manage solution available.

Per Theilgaard
Per Theilgaard
Product Manager, Cattle