3. July 2022

Webinar: Enteric health in pigs

It took place on July 1st, 2022 from 14.00 to 15.00 CET. 

In our next webinar, Monogastric Product Manager Rosa Castellano will discuss the current topic of feeding to minimize the use of AB and avoid the ZnO. During the webinar, she will dive into the following topics:

  • Gut health definition
  • Impact of weaning on gut health
  • Solutions to improve gut health at weaning (before/after AB and ZnO) and effects on microbiota
  • The best feed to improve gut health without AB/ZnO

Rosa CastellanoSpeaker

Rosa Castellano

Rosa Castellano is a monogastric product manager at Vilofoss.  She joined Vilofoss Frances in May 2021 to provide technical support for the Vilofoss France pig production portfolio and develop new products to the market.

Rosa Castellano graduated in 2005 in Biology and in 2007 performed a master’s degree in Agricultural Biology and Aquaculture at the University of Granada (Spain). She defended his Ph.D thesis in 2012 in Swine Nutrition at the Institute of Animal Nutrition, EEZ-CSIC (Granada, Spain) in the topic of mineral requirements during lactation of Iberian piglets.

After completing her Ph.D., Rosa Castellano completed a postdoctoral fellowship of 2 a half year at INRA (French National Institute of Agricultural Research, France) working on the mechanism associated with the increased adiposity in response to a methionine deficiency, its effects on the oxidative status of the animals and the identification of gene expression in meat quality. Rosa Castellano continued her professional career in France working as swine product manager to develop new mineral solutions until 2019 and as intestinal health R&D manager until 2021 developing solutions adapted to the digestive system of monogastric animals with a focus on minerals.

Rosa Castellano is responsible for the R&D advancements and developments, she is managing trials performed in France, and responsible for providing training to the technical sales team at Vilofoss France.

Watch a recording of the webinar here:


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