5. December 2022

Eurotier 2022: Silver Medal for E-Force for calves

This year, Vilofoss received an innovation award at Eurotier for E-Force, which is a vitamin E product for calves and is used to strengthen calves after weaning.

The product has been developed because Danish advisers and veterinarians often experience that calves, when switching from milk feeding to regular feed, become restless and stressed. This has led to a research project which focused on the content of vitamin E in the blood of calves around weaning, which resulted in E-Force.

The product has previously been tested on Danish herds. Here it was found, among other things, that the content of vitamin E in the blood was 2.5 times higher in the calves that were given E-Force. A correlation was also found between the increased content of vitamin E and a stronger immune system, as the level of several stress indicators was lower.

Learn more about E-Force and watch this video: