17. January 2024

Healthy hooves provide a healthy dairy cow - Using Hoofoss with Stalosan to improve animal health and reduce animal health costs

This is a story from the real world.


The German customer Agrargenossenschaft ”Unterspreewald” eG has 700 dairy cows in an old barn and has been using mineral feed for many years.


For a long time, this customer struggled with hoof problems and in that connection, many various treatments have been tried in a cost-oriented manner. This resulted in an increased milk yield but also an increased number of somatic cells. Over 350,000.


In March the new herd manager was informed about a company that successfully solved the same problems as his. He was introduced to HooFoss in combination with Stalosan F and Stalosan Dry and learned about the benefits and results of this specific combination.


He acted promptly and started a trial to see if these products could be the solution to his problems. The results speak for themselves:


  • The milk yield has increased continuously: 1.5 l per cow per day since March: 900 l more per day which generates 12.000 € per month.
  • The number of somatic cells is reduced: under 180.000.
  • The costs for the treatment of cow-lying areas are unchanged.
  • Costs for the claw treatment are reduced to one-half and only a few lame animals.
  • In 2022 the hooves of the complete herd were cut 3 times. In 2023 it was only necessary to do this 2 times. This saves 11.200 €/year. 
  • Vet costs are lowered.