15. October 2021

How to improve hoof health by nutritional solutions

It took place on October 14th at 10:30. 

Main topics

  • Nutritional approaches to minimize lameness in dairy cattle
  • The rumen balancing act
  • Nutritional considerations
  • Nutritional variables  affecting rumen pH
  • Role of the Digital Cushion
  • Sub-acute Ruminal Acidosis-SARA and the effect on lameness
  • Effect of trace elements on hoof stability
  • Metabolism of trace elements in ruminants
  • Difference between available trace element sources


Jan-StorgaardJan Storgaard

  • Technical support Stalosan, Vilofoss A/S
  • Jan has been working with Stalosan since 2003. Before this, he was a technical manager in the pharmaceutical company Pfizer.
  • Jan holds a Master degree in Biochemistry and Neuroscience.
  • His main focus is hygiene, hoof health, disinfection and chemical imbalances in the barn environment.

a manSpeaker

Hristo Dimitrov

  • Technical sales representative of Vilofoss
  • Hristo has been working in the Vilofoss group since 2019.
  • Hristo has been working in the dairy cattle industry for more than 10 years in countries such as Denmark, Germany, and Bulgaria. 
  • His main focused is on cattle nutrition, control of hoof health, improve cattle health, economical losses, and the benefit of controlling lameness.
  • Hristo holds a Degree in Animal Science. 

Stefanie BriedeSpeaker

Stefanie Briede

  • Stefanie Briede has been with the technical department at VILOFOSS Germany for the past three years.
  • Her fields of responsibility are product development, product management and calculation of feed rations.
  • She completed a MSc in Agricultural Science. During her studies, she worked at different farms.

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