16. May 2022

Nutrition of the sow

It took place on May 5th, 2022. 

Optimal feeding strategy; Energy, protein and micronutrients

A review of optimal feeding strategies for modern, hyperprolific sows, including feed allowance and energy and protein levels, as well as other essential nutrients for replacement gilts, gestating and lactating sows.


Jacob Dall

Jacob Dall is R&D & technical product manager at Vilofoss. He is providing support for the Vilofoss pig product portfolio and developing new products to the market.

Jacob Dall is managing trials performed in Denmark, and responsible for providing training to the technical sales team at Vilofoss Denmark and internationally, as well as keeping independent nutritional advisors of the pig industry updated on Vilofoss research & products.

Jacob Dall is a Master in Animal Science from the Royal Veterinary & Agricultural University (UCPH) in Denmark. With a background in practical pig farming, after formal training, he has worked as independent advisor in pig production & economics for 13 years and in the feed industry for another 10 years; the last 8 years for Vilofoss.

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