16. April 2024

Opening of the Largest Insect Factory in Northern Europe

On December 6, 2023, the Enorm Biofactory opened its doors to the largest insect factory in Northern Europe. It aims to produce over 10,000 tons of insect meat annually, utilizing by-products from the food industry.

Spanning an area of 22,000 square meters, processing 100 tons of larvae per day, and with an annual output of more than 10,000 tons of insect meal, these figures characterize the newly established Enorm Biofactory in East Jutland, Denmark.

The locally produced insect proteins have the potential to replace other protein sources currently imported. Insect meal can also substitute highly digestible animal protein sources like fish meal, thus being applicable in animal production and the fishing industry. By utilizing by-products of the food industry, Enorm Biofactory transforms lower-quality products into high-quality proteins. Ultimately, the goal is to integrate insects into food products.

Years of Effort

The leadership of Enorm Biofactory comprises Carsten Lind Pedersen, Jane Lind Sam (father and daughter), and Arne Holst Lauridsen. Carsten Lind Pedersen, co-founder and CEO of Enorm Biofactory, states:

"Today we celebrate several years of hard work in which skilled colleagues and numerous partners have made this project possible. Now begins the next phase, where we must ramp up production to full operation."

Construction of the insect factory has been underway since 2022, involving various stakeholders, including the Danish DLG Group, which is a shareholder in Enorm Biofactory. The factory's opening is also enthusiastically received by DLG. Jesper Pagh, Group COO at DLG, comments:

"This project is a prime example of the direction our business is moving. Enorm Biofactory is a fantastic story of Danish innovation that can provide alternative protein sources for farmers. Now we look forward to production starting and being commercialized."

Interzoo Messestand Vilofoss Insektenprotein Heimtiere Hunde Katzen

Visit us at the leading global pet industry trade fair in Hall 3A, Booth 3A-101

Upcycling from the Food Industry

Insektenmehl und Insektenprotein als FutterzusatzBoth insect meal and insect oil, which have already shown promising results in farm trials, are produced from the Black Soldier Fly. These flies' mate and lay eggs, which hatch into larvae. The larvae are primarily fed with by-products from the food industry. After about 12 days, the larvae are processed into oil and protein. Once the factory is in full operation, it will produce 100 tons of larvae per day.

"We are now ready to receive large amounts of by-products from the food industry. A good example is Arla Foods Ingredients P/S, which can reduce its food waste by 16% by upgrading by-products from production to feed instead of being sold for biogas. We hope that more Danish food producers will take responsibility for recycling nutrients through larvae, as circular economy is one of the keys to develop a sustainable food industry," adds Carsten L. Pedersen.", adds Carsten L. Pedersen.

"We were recently told that we were the 'best-kept secret' in the insect industry. That is no longer the case. Now we will sell some products."


Insect Meal and Oil available from spring 2024 through VILOFOSS Germany

From spring 2024, the distribution of insect meal and insect oil for feed production is planned through the Deutsche Vilomix.

Your contacts for the areas:

  • Ansprechpartern InsektenproteinInsect Protein Sales:
    Josef Menge
    Phone: +49 5493 9870 47

  • Consultation on use in Pig Feed:
    Dr. Arndt Schäfer
    Phone: +49 5493 9870 44

  • Consultation on use in Pet Food:  
    Angela Fritz
    Phone: +49 5493 9870 769

High Expectations

DLG has high expectations for the products from Enorm Biofactory. Troels Møller Olesen, Director of Animal Nutrition at DLG, says:

"In both the short and long term, we see very interesting prospects in insect production. The initial results of our trials with both insect meal and insect oil show positive trends. We see a potential that we have only begun to tap into."

More than 2,000 participants attended the factory opening throughout the day.


About Enorm

Enorm Biofactory is a Danish producer of insect proteins, focusing on circular economy and local protein production.

The new factory is the result of a nine-figure investment and a collaboration with key players like DLG and Nykredit Bank. Enorm Biofactory contributes to the green transformation of agriculture by producing alternative protein sources from insects, which can replace some of the protein sources imported into Denmark and the EU.

Jane Lind Sam, COO at Enorm Biofactory

Email: jls@enormbiofactory.com
Mobile: +45 3031 3411

Jacob Jensen, Press Officer at DLG Group

Mobile: +45 2258 4888


Why the Larvae of the Black Soldier Fly?

Schwarze SoldatenfliegeIn the context of climate change and a growing global population, an effective circular economy and sustainable food production have never been more important. To reduce the strain on natural resources from food production, the larvae of the Black Soldier Fly can play a crucial role. These larvae can consume residues from the food industry and convert them into nutritious and sustainable ingredients for feed and food.

The raison d'être of Enorm Biofactory is to transform and recycle low-quality biomass into a locally produced, high-quality product that can be used in animal production.

DLG will source proteins from the new factory of Enorm, which is expected to deliver 11,000 tons of insect protein per year. The proteins can be used in feed for fish, pigs, poultry, and pets, replacing imported protein sources.