17. maj 2017

SEGES trial: SeoFoss performs well once more

A new trial from SEGES has shown that SeoFoss performs well compared to other slurry handling products on the market.

SeoFoss shows impressive results in both homogeneity, smell and ammonia binding. SeoFoss has the finest particle size on the market, and the larger particle surface – compared to other products – provides a higher ion exchange. SeoFoss has participated in Seges’ national trials with slurry, in which they have studied the fertilizer value after addition of SeoFoss. The trials were carried out with SeoFoss and two other products.

National trials, slurry/ Seges

Three trials with slurry for winter wheat

  1. SeoFoss
  2. Active NS
  3. PP-Dorkel

The slurry analyses show that the nutrient concentrations are the same, whether the slurry is treated with PP-Dorkel or not. The same applies in the case of Active NS. SeoFoss provides a higher concentration of ammoniacal nitrogen, whereas dry matter content is lower, and phosphor and potassium are largely the same.

Yield and utilisation of nitrogen in the slurry

  1. PP-Dorkel has no yield effect
  2. On average Active NS has no yield effect
  3. SeoFoss provides on average a nonsignificant improved yield of 1.5 quintal per ha – in trial 002 the improved yield was 1.6 quintal, however significant.


Read more about the trial here.

Economics by using SeoFoss

Additional income

  • Improved yield of 1.5 quintal per ha
  •  => 150 kg x Euro 0.16 = Euro 24.16 per ha

Additional expenses

  • 30 m3 slurry per ha
  •  => 30 m3 x 0.02 kg SeoFoss = 0.6 kg SeoFoss per ha
  •  => 0.6 kg SeoFoss of Euro 10.00 per kg = Euro 6.00 per ha
  • Total profit = Euro  18.16 per ha
  •  ROI 403%

Additional advantages by using SeoFoss

SeoFoss provides many other advantages:

  • Easy handling of slurry  
  • Facilitating work processes
  • Better homogeneity
  • Reducing smell


Click here for more info about Seofoss