23. November 2017

See the advantages of Stalosan F

Stalosan F is the most well-documented dry disinfectant on the market.

Stalosan F eliminates disease and improves the livestock housing environment without harming the animals. This is better for both animal welfare and your finances.

You can now watch an animated film showing what makes Stalosan F stand out from the other products on the market – and the advantages for your animals:

 “Our new film is a concise, accurate explanation of why Stalosan F is the preferred product on the market. We want to help our customers create added value, which is why we recommend using Stalosan F,” explains Klaus Andersen, Sales Director, Vitfoss.


Three facts about Stalosan F

  • Stalosan F is a dry disinfectant/biocide powder
  • Stalosan F can be used everywhere in livestock housing facilities
  • Stalosan F prevents and combats bacteria, fungi, moisture, ammonia, etc.