5. April 2021

Farmer: "Stalosan F contributes to reducing mortality in my pigs"

Farm manager Peter Greibe works in North Jutland, Denmark, on a farm with 500 sows that produce pigs raised without antibiotics; an important part of the work in the farrowing unit is performed by means of Vilofoss' hygiene powder product Stalosan F. With the product, Peter ensures the pigs' general health and reduces mortality.

In northern Jutland, more specifically in the town of Farsø, Peter Greibe works on a farm with 500 sows that produce pigs raised without antibiotics. The pigs are resold to his partner North Jutland, which is why it is important to Peter with a high focus on the pigs' well-being and health in order to secure optimal growth.
To ensure success in his work, Peter uses the Vilofoss hygiene dry product, Stalosan F, and has done so for several years. To Peter, the effect of the product is beyond doubt as it guarantees the health of the pigs and reduces mortality. In particular, increased health and reduced mortality are important for Peter's work, as he thus can maintain the trust between him and his partner.
"I am very pleased with the effect of Stalosan F, and I do not intend to stop using the product as of now. I can see that it works exactly as it should. With Stalosan F, I can maintain good hygiene with the pigs in the farrowing units and make sure that I also deliver the approximate number of pigs that my partner expects” Peter says.

Killing effect on bacteria in the farrowing unit

Unlike competing hygiene powder products on the market, which generally only have a drying effect on bacteria in the farrowing unit, Stalosan F has a direct killing effect on viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. When choosing Vilofoss' Stalosan F product, you take on additional responsibility and ensure a clear management lead in the farrowing units. The difference between Stalosan F and alternative hygiene powder products is, according to Peter, also beyond doubt:
"There are many hygiene powder products on the market that are similar to Stalosan F, however they are nowhere near being the same product - I can see that in the farrowing unit. Stalosan F has an extraordinary killing effect on the bacteria. The effect does not disappoint and is evident every time. The product is a bit dusty though, but I know from my Vilofoss salesman that they are working on that issue.”
Peter uses Stalosan F on the bottom of the floor, which keeps the bacterial formation in the unit at a very low level. The advantage is among others obvious in new-born piglets, which are not affected by disease to the same extent as before. In addition, Stalosan F also creates a 'softer' surface in the unit, which reduces knee injuries in the pigs, Peter has experienced.

Recommends the product to others through talks

Peter Greibe was introduced to Stalosan F by his Vilofoss salesman, who after visiting the farrowing unit on the farm advised and guided Peter as to the optimum use of Stalosan F for the pig population.
Peter regularly gives talks in North Jutland about the production of pigs raised without antibiotics, and on these occasions Peter is not afraid to also mentioning Stalosan F.
“I like to recommend my colleagues to use the Stalosan F product. The effect in the farrowing unit is obvious, and the product clearly contains something that works really well. And when it actually works in the farrowing unit, well – when all comes to all, it also makes sense for the business,” Peter concludes.