3. August 2021

Stalosan F for cattle has many benefits

Stalosan F demonstrates good effects in terms of solving many problems, both when the problems are due to bacteria and when they are due to certain parasites. Among others, these problems include mastitis, elevated cell counts, foot rot, diarrhoea and high levels of ammonia in the barn area.


In cattle, Stalosan F is scattered where the animals lay down, especially under the udder and in humid places. In cubicles and conventional housing, the Stalosan F is to be scattered especially in the rear part of the laying area, by the trough and by the dung channel etc. In deep litter barns, scatter directly on top of existing matting, especially where the animals lie down. In calf sheds, scatter throughout the area.


The straw stays fresher when using Stalosan F, by which the straw consumption typically is reduced by 10-15%. In addition, the number of flies is reduced quite significantly by using Stalosan F at least once a week.


Stalosan F dosage instructions for cattle


Lying areas / cubicles

To be used daily with 50-100 g / m2 as evenly as possible in the udder area / rear part of the laying area. Stalosan can be mixed with the bedding in the bedding supplier before spreading, if a sufficiently even distribution of the product can be achieved. If uneven distribution is seen, it is recommended to scatter Stalosan F manually. An uneven distribution of the product in the lying areas will reduce the effect of Stalosan. In cows on deep litter, Stalosan is used on top of the bedding in doses corresponding to approx. 100 g / m2 daily or as often as possible.


 Calf sheds / single penning / calf huts

Use weekly with 100 g / m2 as evenly as possible on top of the bedding. To reduce the risk of infection, use additional Stalosan, preferably daily in areas with visible manure / diarrhoea. The product is often spread against the bedding / equipment in order to produce dusting which ensures an efficient distribution.


Group penning / large calves, over the age of three months

For optimum infection protection against harmful environmental bacteria, weekly treatment of the matting is recommended. The product is often spread against the bedding and equipment - this helps to give the product a larger functional range.