13. January 2017

Stalosan and Poultry Biosecurity

By Ivan Gospodinov, DVM, Vitfoss, Denmark

Biosecurity means taking steps to ensure good hygiene practices are in place so that the risk of a disease occurring or spreading is minimised. These steps are associated with particular measures and methods adopted to secure a disease free environment for profitability of the farm.

Good biosecurity should be practised at all times, not just during a disease outbreak. Taking the right measures can help protect your birds, the industry and the community.

Good biosecurity reducing the chances of infections agents from coming into contact with poultry thus protecting the flock from pathogens such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites.

One key element every biosecurity protocol needs to contain is the correctly selected hygiene and disinfection agent. In this regard company Vitfoss offers Stalosan F -
Unique powder disinfectant that provides sustained suppression of pathogens in poultry production and poultry housing facilities:

Stalosan F has plenty to offer to the poultry industry including control over the most frequently observe pathogenic microorganisms, neutralization of harmful substances in poultry litter and decreases the harmful emissions into the air. Weekly application of Stalosan F can significantly improve the biosecurity status of the poultry flocks and minimize the disease spreading incidence as well.

Stalosan F exhibits a broad spectrum efficacy upon one of the most commonly observed poultry pathogens. Among them are:

Coccidia , Salmonella ,Campylobacters , Aspergillus , New Castle Disease virus , Fusarium, E.coli, Avian influenza virus, Staphylococcus , Clostridium.

As an addition to the existing list of pathogens the material has been proven effective company Vitfoss is proud to present a recently conducted test at the University of Minnesota exhibiting the potential of Stalosan F to suppress Infectious bursal disease virus –a highly contagious microorganism causing economically very important to the poultry industry worldwide disease called Gumboro Disease also known as Infectious bursal disease.

The Study Conclusion indicates that: Stalosan F powder, when applied at 10mg /2cm2 and 20mg/ 2cm2 surface area, was able to inactivate ≥99.97% and ≥99.99% of IBDV within 1 h respectively.

Besides that the Stalosan F application can greatly contribute to:

  • Lessen the incidents of foot pad lesions and breast blisters.
  • Less stress makes the birds feel more comfortable.-A significantly better litter quality throughout the entire growing period.
  • Up to 5% increased body weight at the end of the fattening period.
  • Reduction of FCR (feed conversion ratio).
  • Lower mortality rate.-Decreases the pH-value of the litter thus leads to reduction of pathogens.
  • Significant reduction of ammonia formation


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