20. October 2022

The perfect match against hoof problems: Stalosan F and HooFoss

Reducing hoof problems can increase the resistance to high SCC and mastitis

It took place on October 20th, 2022 from 10.30 to 11.30 CET. 

The topic

High alkaline pH combined with high pathogenic load in animal housing increases the risk of infection

  • The influence of high pH on animal health in animal buildings should not be underestimated. In general, livestock animals suffer from excessive levels of ammonia creates by a combination of manure and urine. This brings the pH value up to levels that irritates and corrode animal skin and respiratory tract. This will lead to a reduction in the first line defence against infection.
  • Therefore, when using biocides and care products, it is extremely important to choose acidic biocides and care products that also control the corrosive chemicals like ammonia.

Direct synergy between Stalosan F and HooFoss

  • Our biocide “Stalosan F” and hoof care product “HooFoss” are both based on acidic minerals that, beside the main effects, support each other in breaking down corrosive products.
Indirect synergy between Stalosan F and HooFoss
  • Studies show that cows with fever hoof problems are more resistant towards high SCC and mastitis, meaning HooFoss will support the effect of Stalosan F
  • The effect of HooFoss in controlling hoof problem is supported by Stalosan F when cows get into contact with the product in the cubicles, because the two products are similar in profile.

Jan-StorgaardJan Storgaard

  • Technical support Stalosan, Vilofoss A/S
  • Jan has been working with Stalosan since 2003. Before this, he was a technical manager in the pharmaceutical company Pfizer.
  • Jan holds a Master degree in Biochemistry and Neuroscience.
  • His main focus is hygiene, hoof health, disinfection and chemical imbalances in the barn environment.

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