23. april 2019

Toxin binders when emptying silos?

As a result of the low 2018 harvest yields, silo emptying will take place early this year, compared to previous years. Consequently, you should start considering adding toxin binders.

When ”American stirring silos”, in particular, are close to being emptied, the remaining grains could contain impurities: The stirring causes grain husks and other impurities to move downwards, passing the grains stored in the silo. This means that the largest concentration of impurities is found at the bottom of the silo. Therefore, considering that fungal toxins are present in primarily grain husks and other impurities, there is an increased risk of toxins – which are harmful to animals – concentrating in the grains found at the lower part of the silo.

Over the past few years, it has become a widespread practice for on-farm mixers to add toxin binders to the feed in April and May to prevent toxin-related problems in animal housings. As a result of the reduced harvest yields, the silos are emptied earlier than usual – and, so, you should begin considering adding toxin binders.


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Jacob Dall
Technical Manager, Swine