VILOFOSS – one unifying brand on all markets
5. juli 2018

VILOFOSS – one unifying brand on all markets

The DLG Group has decided to take a major strategic decision concerning its vitamin and mineral undertakings by giving them one common name: Vilofoss. From September 2018, there will no longer be different brand names on Vilofoss’ many international markets.

The DLG Group is uniting all its subsidiaries in the Premix & Nutrition division under one new brand name, Vilofoss.


Well-known names such as Vitfoss (Denmark), Calcialiment (France), Deutsche Vilomix (Germany) and Fodermix (Sweden) will therefore all be unified under the brand Vilofoss. With a turnover of 390 mln Euro, Vilofoss is one of the biggest players in the European market for livestock Premix & Nutrition. It is also one of the most profitable business areas in the DLG Group.

‘“We are changing the name to signal to our customers, business partners and employees that Vilofoss is a market leading company in the European premix & nutrition market. Whether in Denmark, Germany, France or Sweden, we remain one united and strong company as Vilofoss,” says Jacob Holm, DLG’s executive vice president in charge of Vilofoss. 

A strong Vilofoss for the benefits of customers

The business area Vitamins & Minerals are a vital part of the earnings targets in the DLG Group strategy “Leading the Way 2021”, and the name change to Vilofoss is also a symbol of strategic strength and optimization of the business area for the benefit of the customers.

“Even though the subsidiaries are all getting a new common name across borders, Vilofoss is still going to offer the market’s strongest products - in combination with local expertise and insight into the needs of the customers,” says Jacob Holm.

“We already have multiple leading products, such as Stalosan, which we can market together in even more markets than we are doing today. That is a benefit for our customers in all markets,” says Jacob Holm.


The name change took effect on 1st September 2018 in all markets.


Read more about Vilofoss in this brochure:


Jacob Holm
Group Executive Vice President, Premix & Nutrition