Vilofoss' Bestsellers Win Ground in Canada and the United States
5. November 2019

Vilofoss' Bestsellers Win Ground in Canada and the United States

DLG Group's premix and nutrition business Vilofoss has set up two new sales companies in North America to strengthen sales. Vilofoss, together with partner Protekta, a privately owned company from Ontario in Canada with Danish management, got off to an excellent start with the collaboration.

Vilofoss' 'Leading Products' continues it's growth with even greater sales to new and existing markets. In addition to the main markets in Denmark, Germany, Sweden and France, the US and Canada also saw significant growth. Vilofoss has also just announced that they are investing in a new Danish Vilofoss vitamin and mineral plant in Brædstrup.

“We have been in North America for a long period, but in recent years we have increased sales significantly. Together with the privately owned Canadian company Protekta, we have created two new sales companies in North America with a 50/50 ownership share to further strengthen sales. We know Protekta very well from the previous collaboration, but we now have official sales companies with them, and we are very pleased with the development,” says Anders S. Nielsen, Sales Manager at Vilofoss.

Protekta also has Danish management in the form of Morten Jakobsen, who is the founder and CEO and his son Lasse Jakobsen, who is the development manager and they are both members of the new joint board.

Focus on Bestsellers

In the industry, producers cannot simply sell the same vitamin and mineral mixtures to livestock as we have in Denmark, as the local conditions are very different.

“In countries where we do not have production ourselves, we primarily sell our Leading Products, which the farmer can take directly off the shelf and use in the stables. We know they work in all markets, and they can easily be exported and sold directly to the respective markets without having to process them. But if sales continue at the same high pace, then we will not dismiss that we might in the long term also create our own production in North America,” says Anders S. Nielsen, Vilofoss.

Vilofoss's popular and sought-after bestsellers are for example: Stalosan disinfectant, the supplement product X-Zelit, which reduces milk fever in cattle and the Peckstone mineral stone for poultry. Vilofoss will also soon introduce FreshFoss in North America, which reduces the heat in cattle feed.

Successful Danish and European Knowledge

Vilofoss' Leading Products continues its growth with the increased sales focus in North America.

“We expect even more of North America as a growth area in the future, as they are in great demand for successful Danish and European knowledge. Over time, we will expand our portfolio with more 'Leading Products' in more countries as we have acquired and partnered with companies with new, exciting products. We still have great ambitions for our international business.”

About Vilofoss
Vilofoss is one of the leading players in the European vitamin and mineral market. Vilofoss produces 400,000 tonnes of vitamins and minerals a year and has a turnover of over DKK 3 billion. and has 17 factories in eight countries in Europe and a smaller ownership interest in a vitamin factory in China. Vilofoss has sales companies and agents in over 20 countries and sells to more than 60 countries on all continents and has more than 500 employees. 


The new Board of Directors for Protekta, a Vilofoss partner in North America, consists of: Anders S. Nielsen, Sales Manager Vilofoss, Morten Jakobsen CEO and owner of Protekta, Lasse Jakobsen Business Development and Territory Manager Protekta, Klaus Andersen, International Sales Director, Vilofoss. The new board of directors has just held the first board meeting at DLG in Fredericia, Denmark.