3. February 2024

Vilofoss participates in the Danish Royal Visit to Poland

The Danish Royal Visit to Poland, which took place from 31 January to 2 February, marked an important step towards enhancing sustainable agriculture and energy efficiency. Led by His Majesty King Frederik X of Denmark, the delegation included representatives from 38 Danish companies, among them Vilofoss, represented by Christine Brøkner and Anders Nielsen.


During their time in Poland, the delegation visited Warsaw and Szczecin, met with key figures including Poland's President Andrzej Duda, and participated in events that highlighted the importance of commercial cooperation and sustainable development. For Vilofoss, this was an opportunity to share and learn about sustainable farming techniques and efficient energy use in agriculture.


Anders Nielsen shaking hands with King Frederik of Denmark


"Poland holds great potential for a company like Vilofoss. It is a huge agricultural country, and although Poland is undergoing a green transition, there is still enormous potential to make production more climate-efficient than it is today. For us, it is primarily about cattle production, where our products can make a big difference in Polish barns," says Anders Stig Nielsen.




This visit has been crucial in strengthening the relationship between Denmark and Poland, especially in the agriculture and biogas sectors. It provided a platform for both countries to discuss challenges and explore opportunities for collaboration in sustainable agriculture and energy solutions.


"The Polish primary production is incredibly similar to the Danish. This applies on many levels. Very practically, it is mostly also Holstein cows that are in the Polish barns, which also in layout and workflows are reminiscent of the Danish," says Christine Brøkner and concludes:


"In Denmark, we have many of the concrete solutions within feed, vitamins, and minerals that are in demand all over the world. And they can in principle be used in Polish barns already today. Together, they can help make Polish cows more climate-efficient, and that is, among other things, what we are using this opportunity to tell our Polish colleagues about."