8. April 2021

X-Zelit in Tasmania: Farm experiences series

Three farmers in Tasmania share their experiences using X-Zelit. While their farms are different, they have something in common – all of them see a massive reduction in milk fever and mastitis after introducing X-Zelit. Watch the videos below to find out more about their experiences with the product.

1. Zero cases of milk fever

Dave Jones, Tasmanian farmer, is very satisfied with X-Zelit. He had tried a DCAD diet but since the cows refused to eat it, it was not ideal. Therefore, he tried X-Zelit on his herd for the first time this season and with 450 cows, it was very impressive when there wasn't a single case of milk fever.

2. Nigel Brock has fewer milk fever cases now

"Since we started using X-Zelit, we are seeing a massive reduction in the number of clinical milk fever cases." Those are the words from Nigel Brock, a Tasmanian farmer with 800 cows and 200 hectares.

3. Not a hint of milk fever

With 220 cows Asher and Lydia Whiting have had their troubles with milk fever and mastitis. But since using X-Zelit that has become less of a problem.

"I think it is worth its weight in gold," says Asher Whiting and his wife, Lydia Whiting agrees: "You know that your cows are fit and strong and healthy, which is great."



About X-Zelit

X-Zelit is a dietetic feed for milking cows for prevention of both clinical and subclinical milk fever.

X-Zelit is a novel calcium and phosphorus binder that naturally stimulates the cow to mobilize her own calcium reserves for effective milk fever prevention. This mode of action is much easier to effectively incorporate into transition cow management compared to a DCAD approach, which relies on an acidified diet with lower palatability to achieve prevention with a lesser success.


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