25. September 2015

X-Zelit throughout the dry period

Annie Bosma and Arjen van Houten run Västerängs Farm in Töreboda, Sweden, along with Saulius Erlingis, who is employed on the farm. In consultation with Svenska Foder’s cattle-feed sales representative Roland Wicksell, they tested a new feeding strategy involving X-Zelit – a strategy that has generated good results in Denmark.

“When Annie and I took over Västerängs Farm with 170 cows in a cold open-housing system,” Arjen states, “calving paralysis was common. We had not tried X-Zelit before and we began to use the new feeding concept right away: 150 grams a day throughout the dry period.”

“It was not possible for us to divide the empty cows into two groups, so this was a perfect option for us,” Annie adds.

“We mixed it with the empty-cow mix along with Deltamin Sin, which we have essentially been using ever since we took over the farm. It is a simple solution and we know that all cows receive the right amount.”

“I did not really know what to expect,” Annie says. "In any case, I certainly did not think it would be so easy to resolve the problem of calving paralyses. However, the results were fantastic. Calving paralysis has almost completely stopped.”

“Needless to say, the money we save in veterinary costs is valuable. Costs skyrocket easily, but it is wonderful to be spared of all the work and stress involved in having sick cows,” she continues, something which Saulius, who works on the farm, agrees with.

“During the past year, we have increased production by around 1,000 litres. Although I cannot say for sure exactly how much, but much of the increase is definitely due to X-Zelit,” Arjen concludes.