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Piglet starter feed - Assurance for growth from suckling to weaning and growth.

An answer tailored-made to each farm.

Primefeed is a range of piglet starter feed created to answer needs of each farm.

  • Innovation: Primefeed range is the result of European Vilofoss Group Research and Development service and French know-how collaborations.
  • Palatability: During the first week after weaning 100 gr of additional feed makes piglet weight 1 kg extra at 42 days old.
  • Secured: incorporation of plasmatic protein is one of the key ingredients to reduce the use of antibiotics.
  • Profitability: investing in first age piglet feed is essential to maximize the weight gain along growth.
  • Quality: innovative technologies, production line dedicated and certified are the guarantee for the best product quality.


PrimeFeed Suckling and Starter Feed for a successful weaning.

PrimeFeed is segmented into three different objectives:

  • Maximum feeding and growth. Designed for farms who focus on high performance. High concentration in milk proteins and isolates to promote easier weaning. They contain added sugars, such as glucose and lactose, to make them more appetizing as well as providing readily available energy. Contain a highly bioavailable source of iron.
  • Excellent digestive health. Digestive health is a key to successful weaning. Those products are formulated to reduce the chance of harmful bacteria developing in the digestive tract. We have better control on the diarrhea risk.
  • Homogeneous piglets. Products designed for farms that are seeking optimal coverage of nutritional needs. Like the other products of PrimeFeed range, they benefit from Vilofoss’s expertise in quality ingredients to optimize your piglets’ start in feed.


OPTIONS: to ensure you the feed that is best suited to your rearing conditions, PrimeFeed products are available with additive options.

Our products are the result of our research into reducing the use of antibiotics, we use mainly plasma proteins, fish meal, essential oils and plant extracts.

The Vilofoss Research Farm allows us to test new ingredients all over the year in order to select the most performing ones for our recipes.


Since 2013, the year of Primefeed launch:

We implemented 64 trials in piglet feeding, 10 of them brought some significant improvements in increasing performance of PRIMEFEED products.

4 raw material trials:

  • source of sugar
  • source of concentrated soya proteins (X2)
  • Plasma

4 additives trials:

  • acidifier
  • enzymes (X2)
  • sweetener

2 recipe trials:

  • protein rate
  • buffering capacity of feed